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Environment Artist

Full time / Contract Environment Artist Needed Guildford. 


Job Description 


Do you have a passion for Flight Simulation? Are you looking to create and shape realistic next generation worlds? Deadstick is a bush flight simulator set in the mountainous backcountry drawing heavily from locations such as Idaho and Alaska. We're looking for a talented environment artist to help bring our rugged and imposing environment to life.  


Key responsibilities 


  • To sculpt, shape and develop the terrain for our next generation environment. 

  • To work closely with our programming team to develop and refine art production pipelines for content creation. 



  • An outstanding portfolio demonstrating your environment work for AAA titles. 

  • 3+ years' game development experience. 

  • Experience creating environment art for multiple published video game titles. 

  • A thorough understanding of all technical aspects of environment creation, techniques and practices. 

  • Experience implementing environment art production pipelines. 

  • Expertise in 3ds Max/Maya + Supporting tools (Photoshop / Substance etc) 

  • Experience with Unity and World Machine. 



Very competitive. 

If you would like to find out more, or to apply for a role, please contact us directly below:

Thanks! Message sent.

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